Monday, 15 September 2014

Our Tree Inquiry Began!

We started our day with a morning meeting then went outside to begin our Tree Inquiry. Each student had a clipboard, pencil, and a wooden clothespin with their name on it (to clip onto the tree so they can remember which one is theirs). I took a wooden basket of extra supplies and erasers - thank goodness!

We're fortunate to have a wonderful natural space for our yard. We have several ponds (with frogs), a tree nursery, and a forested area with trails!

The students loved picking a tree, sitting down, and drawing it. When we got back into the classroom, they coloured it and wrote an "I noticed" sentence. We opened the Yahoo! Weather app and checked the temperature; we discussed what measuring temperature means and what the little degrees symbol means.

 Tree Inquiry and Observation Kit for Primary Learners

They've already asked when our next nature walk is!

My Tree Inquiry Kit is regularly $2.25 on Teachers Pay Teachers. It's on sale for 20% off today and tomorrow (September 15 and 16) - $1.80!

 Tree Inquiry Kit for Primary Learners

Also THIS happened over the weekend! I'm probably more excited than the kids because it's the first time I've ever seen a cocoon! My students asked to use the Zoomy handheld microscope and make a video ... probably because they wanted to choose the music again! Can you tell they were excited?

Have a great week!

~ Amy

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