Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Simple Machines

We are well into our study on Movement - Simple Machines (Grade 2) and Structures - Materials (Grade 1). My students are loving the real-life connections and opportunities for hands-on learning with these studies. We use a lot of resources and literacy links using the Pebble Go website (sometimes available for free through your local library) and the Epic! app (free for educators!).

 Simple Machines Flipbooks

Students enjoy creating and completing flipbooks for the simple machines. The flipbooks encourage critical thinking, experimentation, and connections to everyday life.

We are lucky to be a K-12 school and have access to and borrow from the shop. We were able to borrow a hammer, nails, screws, bolts, and a block of wood for some experiments with wedges and levers!

 Simple Machines Booklet

We have also been completing a booklet for this unit. Each simple machine has four pages dedicated to it, including a page with a labelled picture and definition. Students complete their work using research from our app (Epic!) and online (Pebble Go) resources. Obviously, I have been modeling how to use these resources to learn about something, use glossaries, and find answers to specific questions.

 Simple Machines Booklet

We also have a puzzle available for students to complete - during social time, indoor recesses, or for early finishers.

 Simple Machines Activities

Check out my simple machines package for more activities and assessments!

 Simple Machines

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