Friday, 29 August 2014

Learning Goal Headers

 Learning Goal Headers - write your "I will" statements beside them. You can also print them multiple pages per sheet then affix a magnet and use them as your schedule cards!

I finally finished my classroom set-up. Beside my SmartBoard, I've set up my Learning Goal board. This is where I'll write our "I will" statements (as per Ontario's Growing Success document). Now, I just need to find more of that hand-me-down laminated blue printing paper! (Green and blue are our school colours.)

 Learning Goal Headers

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Thursday, 28 August 2014

It's the final countdown!

So, a lot of people have been asking me about my classroom organization, activities, behaviour management, et cetera, lately. I figured the easiest thing would be to create a blog to share ideas and pictures of what's going on in my classroom. I also recently became a TPT seller, which is pretty addictive!

This year, I'm going with a Reggio Emilia-inspired approach to decorating and I'd like to incorporate some of the teaching and learning philosophies, too. I've ditched my bright primary colours for earthy tones and textures. Everyone who comes into my room says it's very zen-like and calming! I must be on the right path.

I'm in a new school. It opened up in January and its classrooms are quite small. I have an entire wall that's a window (awesome!) and a SmartBoard. Two walls are covered in whiteboards and the other is shelving and a corkboard.

This year, I am trying an interactive word wall. Instead of having an overwhelming number of words displayed (not good for any student - especially with literacy or attention issues!), I've hole-punched them and put them on a shower curtain ring! Students will go to the wall, remove the ring, and find their word.

Natural-themed wicker Word Wall letters (and digraphs) to go with your Reggio Emilia-inspired room.

My words are colour-coded. I use Dolch sight words. The yellow ones in the picture are Pre-Primer words. Students working at this level during Word Work will be in "The Yellow Group." These words can be found on my store HERE for just 75 cents (available in a variety of colours)! My Primer words are blue; students working at this level are in "The Blue Group."

I've rethought putting the shower clips under the headings and I've put them beside. Underneath, I can put content subjects' vocabulary - such as my Grade 1 Social Studies Word Wall Words.

 Reading Strategies Menu - compatible with CAFE, FACE, and CRAFT -

My guided reading table is by the door. I like it there because I can monitor who goes in and who leaves the classroom - and I'm there in case of a fire drill or emergency. My Reading Strategies Menu is located behind my guided reading desk so I can refer to it when conferencing with students.

 Frog-Themed Performance Wall -

My performance wall is a frog theme this year. Usually, I use Pikachu's evolution - but it didn't fit in well with the natural look and my little Pokemon needed some serious reprinting. I decided to go with a frog theme instead.

Here are a few more photos of my room:

What part of your room are you most excited about?

~ Amy

PS - I figured out how to make the photos pin-able on Pinterest! I've also hyperlinked them to the product in my store.